Friday, December 15, 2017

LBC: 5 Regrets: List 5 Pieces You Regret Not Buying When You Had The Chance

There is so much to see, wear, and enjoy in this fashion as a whole, but there will always be the woes of missed opportunities when it comes to certain pieces for many, if not all, of us. Whether from lack of funds, learning of a release too late, or, in earlier times, the inability to get a shopping service, there are many reasons we sometimes miss out on pieces we really adore. This week's prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival is about just that.

The ones on my list are all more recent pieces, lately I've manage to acquire a great deal of my wishlist (including Aatp's Tea Time Nostalgia!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!) so this list will only include those which I'm not in possession of.

AatP Fortune Teller Box

I had seen this one go up, and unfortunately I had already just splurged on my birthday purchase and had other major purchases to make for the shop. 

Meta Secret Laboratory

This was another one released shortly before my birthday, I actually was hoping that it would stick around for that time, but it was also around the time we moved and it really threw a wrench in the works for my memory. I wish I had remember it...I just want to put it with a super cute witchy blouse with long billowy sleeves and then pair it with a black and red witch bonnet. 

Triple Fortune Victorian Violets jsk

Last year, at Rufflecon, Triple Fortune had this jsk available and I really had my eye out for it. unfortunately I just wasn't quick enough the following day to pick this one out.

Aatp Cock Robin jsk

This one I regret not buying so much! I had saved up for it for a while but was convinced to go with something else in the end...

IW Birdcage jsk

Again, it was around my birthday but I had several options to choose from but I went with something else. I haven't quite found it in the cut or color I've wanted so I'm just going to keep an eye out for this one.

This weeks was a tough one for me, I'm trying not to scroll through the sales pages after putting this all together...I may also be lying that I'm not doing that right now....

If you want to see what other people who joined in on this prompt have wrote down for 5 of theirs' be sure to check out their posts in the links below. And if you want to learn more, and possibly join, the Lolita Blog Carnival feel free to look us up.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Acquisitions And Refashioning

Things have obviously been going down in my life, I recently walked my line, which was my first original print and a new butterfly jacket design, at Rufflecon for the fashion show for 2017, bought some long looked for pieces, and have been heading to the point that I calloused my hands in only two weeks, back in October. I’ve been working hard with not only those but witch bonnet commissions and prepping for another big project that I don’t actually know how I’m functioning, if I’m being honest.

Most things I’ve posted on my personal Facebook and Instagram if anyone actually follows there, so it’s been clear that I’ve been neglecting my writing lately. However, I’m endeavoring to make a moment to do so as I want to keep pursuing this. I do enjoy writing, endeavoring to do it better, and hopefully create decent content for any frilly looking to simply enjoy snippets.

And that’s really what today is, a snippet.

Recently, I’ve acquired a few things, as I mentioned before, mostly dresses, of course, and I actually did some cyber Monday shopping. One of the things I’d like to take a moment to write about today has been a passion of mine since I was a child (a very weird child), which are these amazing Victorian mourning lockets!

Circa 1880-1910
These two tiny pieces are very sweet and pretty, though a little dinged up over time - the hair for the oval is missing and the heart's acetate paper is broken - but I definitely thought they were a steal for the price they were listed at. I knew that they would need a little love and finesse, when it came to restoring and refashioning these two, but I was ready for it. I started off with cleaning them up a bit, I still need to pick up the paper and plan to redo the lock of hair into it's curl before sealing it back in safely, but this is how they look at the moment.

I took a bit of inspiration from different Victorian mourning jewelry I've seen in the past, I don't know why I decided to have then as long as they both are but that's how it felt best. Usually lockets would be placed on a simple ribbon or black cord, though it's not the only way to wear them, and that would be that.

Just to show length
I went even longer then I'm used to for my own personally necklaces and tried to use vintage and antique beads I've had hanging around for special personally projects. The jet bead with the scroll work is a Victorian era piece and the larger jet beads are all vintage pieces I just got as a gift from my mother. I think I did okay and that it evokes a Victorian feel to each necklace, it's just a small adaptation, nothing more.

Though the silver and copper locket is a bit tarnished and is missing very important pieces I find that I like it more then I had initially. The forget-me-not flowers embedded in the long palms - they definitely look like leaves or feathers here - plated in sterling silver carved into a copper background is simply lovely. I just really like it more in person then I had when seeing it in the listing, it worked out in my favor that it was paired with the heart for the sale.

This was the piece that caught my eye so quickly, it's even more beautiful in person! Again, it is engraved with forget-me-not flowers, which are very prominent in mourning jewelry and is always the give-away if you aren't sure if it's just a memorial piece or a token of love, and more palms pair with them, encircling the hearts edge. This locket also opens from the opposite side as that's very common in Victorian jewelry. Because there were so many flowers in the detailing I wanted to reflect that in my beads, using rose beads and a lily bead to suspend the heart from without overpowering it with either a solid jet or gold bead.

I can't wait to wear them once I've redone the acetate on the heart, these pieces already have their own places to carefully store them amongst the other mourning pieces I have. I think that mourning jewelry is something to take care with, they can't be worn without one actually wondering who it was intended for or who's hair is encapsulated within it, but I have and will wear them in the future. 

Do you have any mourning jewelry you enjoy? Are you curious as to whether or not you possess a piece? 

I think I've rambled enough this morning and need to get back to my sewing table, I'll have new updates soon that I hope you'll enjoy! I've had a lot brewing since Rufflecon, besides the pot of tea, of course. 

So start your own cup as it's a good day to cuddle up with a cup of lovely tea. Cheers! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

LBC: What Are 5 Things You Would Tell A Beginner Not To Do Or Avoid

Lolita fashion, there are so many things to keep in mind when navigating the different nuances of it. Some things turn into sweet little traps that drain time, energy, money, and sometimes even self esteem when you feel like you’ve tried it a few times but don’t think it looks quite as cute as you thought. Here are some things that hopefully help you avoid these instances.

Try To Avoid Super Niche Trends, Focus On Making Solid Coords

To often I see newer people get over excited with trends in the fashion, making them jump head long into things due to their wow factor, without appreciating the base clothes for what they are. This usually leads to people dishing out more money for an already expensive style only to end up trying it and not being satisfied with how it looks on or not understanding the basics of the fashion to understand the dynamics with the piece (ex. Bunny/cat ears).

Focus On Staple Pieces That Can Be Built Upon, Avoid Buying Only Main Pieces

This follows along along with the first one but it’s extremely important. This can mean buying up blouses that can work with classic, gothic, and sweet, or getting a nice solid op or jsk that can be fashioned for a more gothic look one day and then a classic look for another, making it easy further down the road to figure out exactly what styles you like and find suit you more.

Shoes are another great staple people tend to overlook when starting off in this fashion. Finding a few pairs that can work with several different main pieces makes coordinating a dream! Simply put, don’t overlook.

Jump Into The Group Discussions, Avoid Being To Much Of A Wallflower

This one may seem terrifying but the online comm is fun. There are so many wonderful people I have met on the online groups it’s a shame not to try. People are generally friendly - unless you are doing something to instigate - and helpful when asked about certain things or when something new and intriguing comes along.

This also aides in building a support system of like minded individuals who appreciate the fashion, know what you will be going through, and can help orient yourself.

Don’t Avoid Budgeting In The Beginning

Yes, this one is tough even for seasoned frillies, we see a bargain and we go in for the kill. Sometimes our wallets are the ones that suffer and that’s not always in a good funny way. I highly suggest starting a budget, don’t avoid it even if you are only testing the waters.

It’s especially good if you know your favorite brand’s rough release schedule so you can budget for it. Personally, I do this around August when I’m on the look out for Btssb’s and Aatp’s newest Halloween prints, or I do this when I know I’m going to a con.

The only real thing to avoid when budgeting is sites like lacemarket and your favorite brand, when planning on waiting for a release.

I feel like I may have run on with this one. I’ve been like a fish out of water with a lot of my previous habits, hopefully I can get back into it soon as I do enjoy it.

Avoid OTT Styles Until Grasping Basics

This one kind of goes hand in hand with avoiding trends, if you don’t have the basics down you should avoid any attempt at OTT (over the top) coords until you have it. If you don’t even know the difference between most of the terminologies that are in the fashion it’s not advised to try.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

LBC: Odd Habits Of The Fashion

The EGL fashion has been a rather large part of my life. I've kind of molded into it over the last decade or so due to a plethora of reasons. It fits my personal aesthetic preferences, hobbies, and habits for the most part which is why I feel more attuned to a lifestyler than most would, I suppose. Though this may be the case for me, and has been so for many years, there are still things that are glaringly different than in most other fashions. This week we decided to discuss a few of them in this week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic.

People Catalogue And Documenting Their Closets

Personally, I love this habit. I do find it odd but I enjoy making lists and logs of colorways, year, style numbers, and names of the pieces I own and seeing everyone else do similar lists. Wardrobe posts every January are something I greatly look forward to, though I need to work on mine and really commit to trying to make a post.

Outfit Shots And Rundowns

Whether it's laying out, on a mannequin, or on a body with a blurred out face, I feel like this is a habit that's fairly unique to EGL fashion. I know that there isn't a frilly who doesn't enjoy seeing someone's meticulously planned coordinate laid out in a pic, with all the little detail shots, but I don't think there are many other fashion groups that do this (I could be wrong! I don't generally subscribe to other fashion groups.)

Large Scale Meets For No Particular Reason

You know you've been to one or two major meets with more then half your comm in attendance, sometimes planned out to have seating arrangements even. But the wonderful part about it is there may not even be a reason at all as to why there is a Meet in the first place and not a reason, either, for why it may be so big. 

Creative Stand-Out Pieces

This fashion strives for creativity, there are so many things that one can do as long as they stay within the guidelines of the fashion and keep that certain silhouette. I love a lot of the OTT looks and the sometimes intense headgear and accessory pieces people can produce. I know sometimes people can think it can get a little out of hand but I truly love it. 

People Taking Pictures With And Without Permission

No matter how many times I get asked or see this I will always find it weird and unsettling. This may be due to my upbringing, being taught to be a little weary of people taking pictures, but even still I could never wrap my head around why strangers want to take someone's picture they don't know. I feel like those who also dress goth or steampunk must get this a lot as well. 

All in all, the odd little habits of this fashion fascinate me. I think a lot of fun and interesting things do come out of the fashion that make it a bit more fun. I'm sure there are many more but these are the few I could come up with. Now I'm off to have a quick cup of soothing tea before bed and hope you have a goodnight too. (I highly recommend a Lavender chamomile blend!) 

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Friday, September 22, 2017

LBC: Difficult Things To Deal With In The Fashion

There are so many things that I love about this fashion, it's intriguing, it has so many little facets that one could get wrapped up in the for hours. However, there are also little downfalls even amidst all the highs of the fashion. Some are trivial and some are functional issues, it also depends from person to person, which is what we are discussing for this week's Lolita Blog Carnival. These are some bits I've gleaned from others and some which I have experienced myself, my biggest being:

Not Enough Storage Space

This is one I find many a frilly has to deal with. My situation is from moving from a house with 1 closet, wall rack full of dresses, and several drawers to one closet rack (which is thankfully a walking closet) and a few drawers in an apartment. We do plan to move to a house again someday but right now we have very limited space. I try not to buy anything unless it's a super good deal or dream dress status pieces. It has made me think more about efficiency and what pieces are important enough to splurge on.

Not Having Enough Filler Pieces

With every new piece I look into I try to see how it fits in with my wardrobe and if I can coordinate it  well with different blouses, jewelry, and head pieces in my wardrobe. That being said, sometimes I feel as though I'm lacking in those sorts of pieces. 

Trying To Be An Active Member Of The Community

This is a very difficult one for me as I want to engage with others and enjoy the conversation but then I go to write or connect with someone on one of the different social media platforms we have and my mind goes blank. It's very much like getting tongue tied but it's my fingers that are in knots. This is not just with the international community but my own local ones, as well. I feel like maybe I second guess myself?...

Parting With Pieces

This is a recent development for me, with the loss of space it has become more and more obvious that I do need to downsize just a tad. I don't know how anyone else does it but it's difficult for me. I know they are really only pieces but I've worked hard to get them, they make me happy just being able to look at all the different little details that parting with them is a little difficult. It's also a tad bit difficult because I wear everything I have. I've lucked out that there have only ever been maybe 4-5 pieces that haven't fit my body though now a days I've been debating more and more what fits my preferences and style (lots of creams, flowers, witchy prints, and tea cups. These are my life!).

Trying To Calmly React/Explain

I swear that sometimes I have to try not to loose my eyes in the back of my head when someone asks "are you in a play?" Or "Are you little bo peep?" Or dealing with sneaky picture takers. With the paparazzi I usually easily enough dip my parasol so they will only get my legs, it usually does the trick. For the people who don't want to understand and try to get a rise out of me I will usually just say they are just clothes and try not to say innappriate things questioning their original thinking or their ability to think at all. This is, of course, if they're the more rude sort and not people genuinely curious.

Personally, I feel like I'm not the only one who feels this way about a lot of these issues. I try to be reasonable and not go overboard for my love of this fashion and take care of my pieces to the best of my ability. But if you'd like to read more on this topic you can definitely read what other frillies find difficult about this fashion, down below.

Friday, September 15, 2017

LBC: Create A Coord Based On A Tea Cup

This week's topic is definitely a favorite of mine because, I'm going to be honest, I love tea cups!

That's right, your's truly, loves tea cups and tea pots and all things related to tea Time. It's definitely part of why I choose the name for this blog, my brand, and have sought after several particular tea time inspired prints. Funny enough, I have acquired two of those very particular pieces I have had my googly eyes on and oddly enough both in two of my preferred color ways, mint green.

Innocent World Tea Time underbust jsk and Alice and the Pirates Tea Time Nostalgia jsk II for those curious

And again, oddly enough, I will not be using either in my post today with the exception of mentioning that I've magically gathered them. It's simply not the right manner of happenstance because I had, without realizing it, managed to coordinate my last outfit to one of my tea cups for a friend's birthday tea (yes, I went to an afternoon tea birthday with my tea cup in toe, and yes I try to coordinate my tea cups to my coord, I've been bringing tea cups with me for years).

So, without further ado, here it is:

Jsk/underskirt/blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Bonnet: Triple Fortune
Socks: Innocent World
Rings/Cameo: antique
Headdress/rosette chain: The Bloody Tea Party
Shoes: Offbrand
Tea cup: Aynsley 

Prior to moving here I had to give up a few of my pieces and came down with only about 6 tea cups, the first my mother ever gave me and a few other pretty ones. And when I settled a bit I found a wonderful lady who tends to know my preferences. Sometimes I pick up cute pieces that are a little newer like this one and sometimes I'll manage to snag a glorious Victorian piece or two, it's a wonderful mixed bag, and my collection is turning out to be as colorful as my wardrobe. 

Do you have a tea cup collection? 

That's it for this week's edition of the Lolita Blog Carnival! I have to say it was very refreshing for me and made it a bit easier for me to get out what I wanted to say. 

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Friday, August 25, 2017

LBC: Create An Unconventional Meet And It's Itinerary

I'm back!

It's been a bit of a wild few months, I've been running amok trying to fill witch bonnet orders, work on one of my many prints (I am learning photoshop because I am an idiot and not an artist but I wouldn't be able to sit still while someone works on this particular print), expanding my tea cup collection, and of course going to and fro to meets.

And speaking of meets, I just vended at my first event for my local comm's J Fashion Mega Meet. I meant to blog about it before but I goofed and was night and day crafting and sewing for it. It was quite splendid!

Anywho, back to the topic in question, which also involves meets, unconventional meets at that, I have one or two that I'm quite willing to do but for now I will write about this one:

Exhibition Meet

In truth, I've already got all the info squared away on this particular meet as I have been planning to host it for a while but it has come down to scheduling and pricing.

The idea behind this is for members of the local frilly community to be able to demonstrate their skills and talents. Everyone from musicians, performers, designers, and artists would be able to showcase their abilities, this sort of event would give the proper platform for it.

This sort of event is simple and small enough to do on a small scale and can be done in a variety of places. The main necessity is enough space for seating and space for instruments. The way I initially planned it out was to host it in a location that already has ample seating and a working, tuned, piano, if there is even a sort of stage area that makes things run even better, though not necessary. There simply needs to be space to separate artists and performers from those seated with comfort. It's never good to scrunch.

One of my dreams for this type of event was to host it in a style very similar to Victorian exhibitions so I've hoped to hold it somewhere with a sort of similar decoration, great for pictures. Another great aspect in many of the locations I've looked into actually host afternoon tea services as well, which I think also adds to the experience as well as feeds guests.

However, the most important part of the event would, of course, be the entertainment which would be carefully be prepared by the guests themselves. Each piece would require approval up until 2 weeks prior to the meet but at least 2 months to submit beforehand. The next part would be to order all of the exhibitionists into a comprehensive schedule, allowing sets that require more break down time towards the end or seamless model transitions to have the time they need.

All of the performances would occur while the tea service - in my version of this meet there would be a tea service- was being done, that way people could enjoy delicious sweets while they watched. This also keeps the event from being bogged down or making people eat and then watch performance after performance. It also allows everyone a segment of time (approximately 6 minutes each) to present something special without having to be restricted in a total production set up. It is a much more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy.

And as for what is considered for a set it really can be anything. There of course would be musicians and vocalists, actors and dancers, and artists too, but there could be a ventriloquist, magician, or poets, designers would be able to have segments for 2-4 models to walk, and all that would be required is taking the venues space into consideration - usually a place with good lighting and semi-decent acoustics - and people would have to submit previous works to be approved for a time slot.

This sort of meet does take a TON of work, do not get me wrong, but I really think it would be wonderful to host this sometime soon. It's certainly in my books for the future. I'm sorry if I rambled a bit in this post, I haven't written in a while and I figured to just put something out.

This post was brought to you by the Lolita Blog Carnival and this weeks topic! If you want to read someone else's unconventional meet ideas check them out in the links below!